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It's a new year and clearing clutter from your home will not only have it looking better, it will also help you feel better. If you are considering selling your home, clearing clutter will improve the value of your home as buyers want to see your house, not your belongings. 


Clutter can affect your stress levels, bombard you minds and create anxiety and feelings of guilt, "I should be more organized." It can also cause embarrassment, especially when others unexpectedly drop by your home or workplace. 


Fortunately, clearing clutter is one of the easiest life stressors to fix! Set yourself up for success by formulating a plan and targeting specific areas to declutter and organize. Consider decluttering one room at a time and realize that it can be an emotional process because of the sentimental value you may attach to items. It is necessary to separate yourself from those feelings. According to Lifehacker.com, three questions to ask are:

  1. What does the item do for me that nothing else does?
  2. Do I have anything else that does this better or just as well?
  3. Does this have sentimental meaning for me? Sentimental value is important but don't get weighed down thinking about how an item makes you feel when there is something else that does the same job. 

After you have asked these questions, you will either keep, sell/donate or toss. Keep items you use regularly and have space to store. Sell or donate items that are in good, working condition and can be used by someone else but not needed by you. Toss broken items, papers etc. 


There are so many organizations in Winnipeg that are always accepting donations and many that will pick up your donations from your home. Not only will you be helping others in need but you will be keeping items out of landfills. In no particular order, some organizations in Winnipeg that accept donations of small and large household goods and furnishings and clothing are as follows:


Habitat for Humanity's ReStore accepts decor and home building products and they are a registered charity so they will issue a tax receipt for most ReStore donations. Visit their website for a list of acceptable items and to make arrangments for drop off or pick up. 

60 Archibald or 1081 Ellice Ave

website: www.habitat.mb.ca

email: restore@habitat.mb.ca

phone: 204-233-5160


Hands of Hope provides furniture and household goods to people in need. They will pick up good quality used furniture from donors and deliver to families in need. 

website: www.handsofhope.ca

email: handsofh@mymts.net

phone: 204-261-8607


Centre Flavie-Laurent distributes furniture, appliances and household items and clothing to people in need. They sort, store and distribute the goods and clothing received from donors. Donations can be dropped of at their Provencher location. 

450 boulevard Provencher

website: www.cflc.info

email: fl@cflc.info

phone: 204-231-9513


Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape is a non-profit organization in Winnipeg which accepts donations of gently used household goods and furniture. Items are distributed to women and children who are trying to escape poverty and/or abusive situations. They do not accept large appliances or clothing but clothing can be dropped off at their partner agency North End Women's Centre - The Up Shoppe. You can schedule a pick up of household items and furniture by calling their donation line below. Visit their website to view a list of all items that are accepted.

384 Selkirk Ave

website: oyatetipi.com/donations

Oyate Tipi donation line: 204-589-2265

North End Women's Centre - The Up Shoppe

384 Selkirk Ave

phone: 204-582-3494


Villa Rosa is a prenatal and postnatal residence in Winnipeg that offers a variety of programs and services for any single, pregnant women or new moms. They are in need of basic household items for their residents as they move into the community on their own. See their website for a complete list of accepted items. They accept donations by drop off between 8:30-4:30 weekdays.

784 Wolseley Ave

website: www.villarosa.mb.ca

phone: 204-786-5741, ext.226


Siloam Mission collects donations of household items for community members that will be transitioning to greater independence. They have a list of items that comprise a 'Move Out' kit and ask that Move Out kits be donated as complete kits if possible, but they will still collect donations of the individual items. A Move Out kit consists of: a coffee maker, toaster, can opener, spatula, ladle, frying pan, pot, 20pc flatware, 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, 4 coffee mugs, 6 glasses, pillow, blanket, 1 set of sheets and pillowcases, laundry hamper, hangers, broom and toilet paper.

300 Princess St.

website: www.siloam.ca

phone: 204-615-0313


Willow Place is a family violence agency which provides services for women and children who have experienced family violence. Their website has a wish list of items that they accept for donation, mainly gently used clothing and small household items. They do not accept large donations of clothing and household items.

website: www.willowplaceshelter.ca

phone: 204-615-0313


Canadian Diabetes accepts donations of household items and clothing and they will pickup. For a complete list, visit their website and schedule a pick up by completing the form on their website or calling the 1-800 number.

website: www.diabetes.ca/declutter

phone: 1-800-505-5525


The Salvation Army Thrift Store accepts donations and requests that they be dropped off at a Salvation Army Thrift Store or bin near you. They offer free pick up services for donations of multiple furniture items as well as 10 ore more bags or boxes of clothing and household items. To qualify for a pick up, email your phone number, address with postal code and photos of furniture to be donated to the email address below. 

Bin locations: www.thriftstore/ca/manitoba/drop-bin-locations

email: donate@stores.ca

phone: 1-800-757-4483


Goodwill is another organization that will accept donations and will pick up. Complete the form on their website or call the number below.

website: www.canadiangoodwill.ca

phone: 204-943-6435 


Another alternative is using a service such as Just Junk Winnipeg for junk removal and furniture donation. They will do all the lifting and loading for you and they provide free estimates. 

website: www.justjunk.com/furniture-donation-winnipeg

phone: 204-272-0944


To have the complete list emailed to you, email me at info@michellesaltel.com.








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